"After I contacted Alley Cat regarding the work they had done previously and shared my concerns about the safety of enclosing the dryer vent with mesh, NIv responded promptly and sent out a team to correct the problem. Petya, the office manager, was also very responsive and followed up after the work was completed. I appreciate the fact that Alley Cat stands behind their work."

Marianne C.

"Very prompt to answer and come for a quote. Nice people too. As it turned out we don't seem to have a rodent problem afterall. But we were given advise of how to keep an eye on it. Would recommend."

Karine B.

"My relationship with Alley Cat started in 2018 when I had a horrendous rodent infestation. Since I have a four year contract with them, I am able to call when I hear scratching and chewing sounds. Today my technician was terrific. He was thorough, respraying the vulnerable areas under my house and rescreening the vents that are under my deck. I have recommended this company to anyone with a rodent problem and will continue to do so!"

Robin O.

"I knew that I had rats in my crawl space because I'd trapped a couple. Not until I had everything removed from the area did I have any idea how bad the situation was. Alley Cat sent someone over who found every possible point of entry, far more than I'd already found and sealed. Then I had them clean the whole space and seal everything up. They were so thorough and fast. They left traps and came back a couple of times to make sure all the rodents were gone. Everything went so smoothly, timely arrival, efficient work and complete professionalism. Highly recommend."

Carol N.

"Professional and efficient rodent removal company. I searched for a highly rated exterminator in SF for my employers' home. They have a large renovated historic home and, like most older structures in the city, had a mouse infestation under their front steps/crawl space. Alley Cat had someone come out to take a look immediately and then had that space sealed up and traps set by the next week. We opted for the year warranty in case we needed removal later on."

Noelle F.

"I finally managed to get ahold of Alley Cat and I was able to quickly schedule my rat-proofing. Niv even personally came by my house to apologize for the initial hold up. They were efficient and took a ton of pictures of all the holes they closed up. I have already scheduled my first trap check follow-up so I'm hopeful our continued relationship will be smooth and my house will remain rat free!"

Rachel H.

"Attic Cat has done a great job in getting rid of rodent droppings and insulating our attic, in this 99 year old house we live in. We have a back bedroom that had a chilly draft in the corner of the ceiling and that has disappeared with the new insulation that was put in. We have not had any rodents for months now. Winter is usually when they come around...nothing! We highly recommend Attic Cat for getting rid of rodents and insulation, they are very thorough and friendly too!"

Gabreinthom M.

"We bought a home that had been sitting empty for two years. Ally Cat came and gave us an estimate to remove all the insulation in the attic, re-install insulation, and seal all the openings in the house. They came through on time, no extra charges, were thorough and cleaned up after themselves. They came back a few times to remove rats that were lingering in the house and we have been rat free since. They have a great guarantee and they do great work. Thank you!"

Michelle F.

"Jimmy and his crew were so awesome it's hard to put into words. I've had rats in almost every home I've lived over the last 20 years. I tend to live in hillside rural areas with lots of ivy. I've never had a crew come in and be so professional and thorough. They removed rodent soiled insulation, sealed and meshed every inch of our house, cleaned up all the rat poop, set traps, and disinfected the perimeter of the house. Bravo"

Jennifer C.

Alley Cat is an independent, family owned and local rodent clean-up and control company based in Oakland, CA. 

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